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Il Caldaro

Twice baked pecorino soufflé with caramelized pear soufflè

Beef tartare with olives, mustard sauce and olives

Creamy egg on a potatoes and porcini mushrooms sauce

Truffled fondue

Chestnut cream with crunchy polenta and porcini mushroom

Lightly battered ham slices shallow fried

Pasta Course

Pasta Course

Homemade tagliatelle pasta with white Chianina beef ragù and porcini mushrooms

Homemade brown tagliatelle with pigeon ragù

Homemade pasta filled with “Amatriciana” sauce

Homemade Tortelli with black garlic artichokes and creamy goat cheese

Taleggio cheese, pear and Franciacorta Risotto

Legumes soup

Meat Course

Meat Course

Beef fillet with grilled porcino mushroom

Duck breast mixed salad and orange cream

Roasted pork, topinambur cream and vegetables

Rabbit baked with aromatic herbs with fried sage and mustard sauce

Sliced beef with grilled potatoes and salad

Grilled lamb with roasted potatoes

Fiorentina steak with grilled potatoes and vegetables



Warm and creamy chocolate fondant

Yogurt mousse with berries and amaretto biscuits

Half-sphere with crispy almond and chocolate

Apple muffin on a cream

Red wine baked pear and cream

Umbrian home-made biscuits served with Vin Santo

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